Hammock with Oak Spreaders
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Hammock with Oak Spreaders



Large Hammock  60" x 84" overall length 13 ft
(frame not included)


Small Hammock  48" x 82" overall length 11 ft
(frame not included)


Hammock Frame (not pictured)


Replacement head cushions


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Head cushions are included with all chairs. Hooks and chain are included with all "hanging" chairs. To select rope and cushion colors, please consult the list below. As with any outdoor furniture, chairs should be given some shade. Re-roping is available at half price. Watco Marine is used on chairs with wood frames. Oiling the frame once or twice a year or when weathering starts to show oiling with teak oil will restore it to its original finish. All work is guaranteed against defects for a period of two years from purchase and will do repairs for the life of the chairs.

Available rope colors are Beige, Black or Hunter Green.
Cordura Fabric for Pillows and Barstools: Brown, Black, Hunter Green.


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